Digital Technology has shaken the Event Industry

Digital Technology has become an integral part in our lives, effectively changing how every product is made to how everyone gets around. It encompasses almost everything in our lives and the event industry is no exception.

Information is collected and analysed, which adds overwhelming value in digital technology.

Respondnow harnesses this available technology and data collecting ability giving great analytic information that is valuable to every event manager.

When using our online RSVP the collected data helps you determine if your event earned a full return-on-investment (ROI) and helps you identify the areas where you can streamline the event planning process.

Event Goals and Data Collection

During the early stages of planning your event, you should have set a goal. The goal could be anything from improving brand awareness, to rewarding loyal customers, to attracting new customers.

Setting an event goal does more than assist you with planning and marketing, while simultaneously allowing you set up a system that accurately collects data that you’ll use to determine if the event
earned a significant ROI.

During both the planning stages and the actual event, you can collect data that helps you determine if you’re meeting the goals you’ve set for the event.

The data you should consider collecting to help you determine the events ROI includes:

  • Event attendance
  • Number of leads generated as a result of the event
  • Number of referrals and conversions the event nets your organization
  • Number of sales triggered by the event

If you would like to take your events to the next level and add value to your customers then Respondnow is the online RSVP system you need to be using to manage all your events.

Let’s setup a meeting where we can run through a demo and show you how easy and convenient the
system is and how it can benefit you with your next event.


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